#HEKIMA: Smooth, Suave & Empty

Sometime ago,

I met this young lady who used to be a software developer. She narrated how frustrated she was as a business person and I asked her where her passion really lies.

She was eager to tell me that she used to be a software developer and she was really working on a big project before she met a LIFE COACH that told her that her life architecture is not in technology.

What is life architecture in the first place? lol

She recounted how her close friend eventually went ahead to develop the same product they were both discouraged on by the life coach. I was eager to also ask her who the life coach was. She told me one name that is somewhat popular in our city.

I was angry but yet calm because she did not know any better. I have, in recent days, met some young men who are not willing to sit before they stretch their legs. I see a lot of young men introducing themselves as business development specialists but would fail if given a simple shop to run.

Guess what, I met the said Life Coach recently and I weighed him. He failed woefully. He also needs a coach. This lady in question is back to software development and she launched her first product worth 10,000 USD yesterday in Kampala, Uganda.

Beware of LIFE COACHES that are only valuable in their smart suits.


Oluwaseun David ADEPOJU


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