#HEKIMA: When a Lie Travels…

Few years ago, I went for a summer camp with other young people from different places. I was in the second year in the University then. At the opening ceremony, the moderator asked us to mingle and make new friends.

I turned to the fellow on my right side to strike a conversation. I introduced myself by telling him my name. He told me his name as well and went further to tell me he is from the University of Ibadan. As I heard that, I was excited that we are from the same school.

I asked him what department he was. He replied sternly by saying ACCOUNTING. It sounded strange because the University of Ibadan does not have an accounting department. I probed further. “What level?”

“300level,” he replied.

Haba. In our same UI?

One last question.

“What faculty is that? He replied with such confidence, MANAGEMENT”.

It was after this response I knew that this guy is a PhD holder in lies. I decided not to break his lies neither did I tell him I was a student of the same University he just lied about.

I stood up from the table to meet someone else. We said hi to each other throughout the camp and nothing more. I was not sure if he stopped telling the lies to others but no one mentioned it throughout. A week after the camp, I went to a shop to make photocopies and this my friend was the one running the shop.

He was literally shaking when he saw me but I smiled. I asked him why he lied to me. He confessed by saying he was ashamed of being in such a gathering without being an undergraduate yet. I told him how some of my friends were already in final year when I entered 100level. Life is in stages and time of life differs.

Lies spoil your reputation and it chases helpers away from you.

Even in the most shameful situation, tell the truth.


Oluwaseun David ADEPOJU

HEKIMA is the Swahili word for “wisdom”, and every week, Oluwaseun David Adepoju will share with us bytes of experiences that hold terabytes of information and power large enough to inspire, transform and keep us going through the journey of life together. Seun is an African tech-influencer and n Innovation Ecosystem Advocate. He is the founder of Techmit Africa. You can follow Seun on Instagram at @iamdavidadepoju.


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