HEKIMA: Without You, I Am A Bicycle

Many times, once we have arrived at our destination, we forget our journey.

We forget the vulcanizer that repaired our tyre when it got deflated. We forget the filling stations that provided fuel for our vehicle to move.

We forget the traffic warden that passed us safely at the dangerous T-junction. We forget the other road users that cooperated with us to have a safe journey. We forget that girl that we bought gala and Lacasera from by the roadside when hunger came and almost knocked us out during the journey. All these people contributed to the success of the journey to your destination.

Why do we forget so fast?

I sat down quietly recently to evaluate the opportunities I have had and the platforms I have had to express my passion. I realized that no man becomes something in life in isolation.

Somebody recommended you for that job.

Somebody gave you loan to start your business.

Somebody gave you shelter when you could not afford to rent a house.

Somebody gave you your first stage to sing.

Somebody introduced you to that person that accelerated your passion.

Somebody agreed to marry you when all you could give was your dream.

These people are the engines in your motorcycle, without them, you are just a bicycle.

Appreciate them all.


Oluwaseun David ADEPOJU


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