Welcome to the Business Faculty

You are a storyteller, using stories to reveal the city. You meet regular people and they share parts of their lives with you. You tell them to smile and then you snap their picture. At the end of the day, you share those experiences with your avid readers.

For almost 2 years now, that has been my story and, honestly, it has been amazing. However, in these past months, I have realized that there’s a knowledge deficit. The world is fast changing but not many have the right information to catch up.

I have a keen interest in business. I have met many people who are trying to start or build their business BUT they have no knowledge of the business climate in this time of life. Interestingly, too, my path has crossed people who have indepth knowledge on business from whom a lot can be learned. It is for this reason – to spread knowledge and enlighten that we’re introducing the #BusinessFaculty.

EVERY MONDAY FROM MARCH, we shall share short but highly illuminating posts from members of the #BizFaculty. I believe Ibadan is ready for business and I hope that by December 2018, our businesses would have moved forward tremendously.

Welcome to the Business Faculty




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