HEKIMA: ‘You Are Not the Kind of Person They Are Looking For’

Sometime around July 2007, I had applied to the university Ibadan in my JAMB exam and we were awaiting the University of Ibadan’s response on those selected for the Post-JAMB screening. On a Saturday morning in this same month, I visited one of my elderly friends in my neighborhood for a chit chat.

In our conversation, I told him I had applied to study at the University of Ibadan. As if I had just said the funniest joke of the century, he burst into this loud hysterical laughter while beating his chest.

I wondered what was funny with my statement. When he gathered himself together, he said “Seun, you have just wasted your JAMB on a university that would never admit you. You are not the kind of person they are looking for there”.

What sort of negativity is this ? I thought to myself.

He said he had applied to the same University 7 times and he was never invited for even a single interview chance and the same goes for many of his friends.

He capped this sad and discouraging conversation by asking me what my O-level result looked like. I was sorrowful to tell him that it was just 6 credits. He laughed again and said more affirmatively: “Young man, start preparing for another JAMB because you will never be admitted into that University. You are just a joker”.

I left his house depressed and I started thinking about how I need to start preparing for the following year.

 To my surprise and the glory of God, September of the same year, I was admitted into the program I chose and it was honorable. My senior colleague was correct. The University of Ibadan didn’t need somebody like me but they needed who I will become by giving me a chance of admission.

What are the lessons here?

1. Do not listen to those who said you cannot do it because they could not do it. Apply again. Write that letter again. Speak to that investor again.

2. Choose the report to believe. The noise of the society or the silent voice within.

3. Don’t limit yourself because of some untrue rumor, you are the best version of you. Make your own history.

4. It is okay to have negative people around. God don’t give big battles to small soldiers.

To your dreams,

Oluwaseun David ADEPOJU


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