HEKIMA: I Am Not Your Mate!

I used to have this friend with whom I shared so much value and mutual respect. We had been good friends consistently for two years before something happened.

What happened? We were talking one day and he got to know he was 6months older than me. Immediately he got to know this, he changed the tone of the discussion to the one that seemed to put me in another class from his. I noticed this and smiled.

We had another discussion the following day and I was giving him an advice like I had always done and to my surprise, he shut me down by reminding me that he was 6months older than me. He noted that he was elderly and that he should not take such an advice from me. I gladly ended the discussion. This singular act of his severed our relationship till date.

I met another friend recently who is 4 years younger. He heads a division of a big company in Lagos and he happened to be the boss of my old friend who stopped being my friend because he is 6months older than me.

Irony of life, right?

I think it is this age-fight that will not allow some people to go far in life. I am a friend to both the old and the young and all we enjoy from these relationships are values and mutual respect. We grow together and life is sweet. I don’t need to say how old I am before you respect me and I would not stop respecting anyone who is younger.

Some people have lost opportunities because they feel they are older than the man with their blessing.

Don’t be too old to enjoy life.

Oluwaseun David ADEPOJU


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