Ede Oballah, Enugu

“When I was posted here for my National Youth Service Corps, I expected it to be all fun serving my fatherland. For me, Enugu was my chance to leave home and travel – see life as it is lived elsewhere; so I looked forward to having an exciting time away from home. It’s nine months now since I have been in Ede Oballa, Nsukka local government.

Here in Ede Oballa, they have a masquerade called Ori-Opa it is somewhat like our own Egungun in Ibadan. What gets to me about this masquerade is how it goes about beating up people. The masquerade doesn’t care whether you’re male or female, it will flog you as long as it finds you in its path. The only way to escape being flogged is to offer it something. I offered the masquerade money – N50 – and so I escaped its merciless flogging. Just offer it something, even N20 the masquerade will collect it and you’ll be spared. But some other corps members whom we were together refused to give a dime and the masquerade beat them big-time.

Also, here in Ede Oballah, no one stops anyone from stealing It is their belief that no one steals anything. I really don’t understand it myself but it is what it is. It is their belief and I respect it; that’s all I have to do.

I miss my mom, mother like no other. I miss my boo too. He’s being a pillar for me all through since we met up until now. Really, I miss home. ”




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