Celebrity Convos – Second Edition


That this edition of #CelebrityConvos is published at such a time as this – when the world is brought to its knees by a tiny, microscopic organism – a virus – is of great significance.

“Man proposes, God disposes” they say; this season has (once again) reminded us of the truth of this aphorism. It also encapsulates the story of this new edition. Let me let you in on a little secret of the journey to this edition.

As far back as July 2019, the #CelebrityStory for this edition had been gathered and work had begun in earnest on it – transcribing, editing and what not. Our plan was to start the incoming year (2020) with a banging new edition of #CelebrityConvos, so we set a date January 2020.

We took the official pictures for the production in January 2020. Just as we were settling into making substantial progress with production, we were hit so hard by different challenges – from health issues to technical problems in production. All these carried on into February. Official pictures were not ready until late February.

Then in March, Coronavirus struck. Honestly, the apprehension of what was happening – the uncertainty of what we were in for with the onslaught of the virus created yet another drag. Everything else was ready by the end of March but I couldn’t write a befitting Curator’s Note.
With the partial lockdown, work slowed and communication with the design company
caved in.

By ending of April, I had to get a grip and reach out to everyone on the project. I had come to a realization that we could not afford to cower in fear of the unknown; we needed to forge on. Move forward. It was on the wings of this zeal that we worked through the design and here we are today. What was meant to be released in January is being released in August. Who woulda thought?!

Like they say, Man proposes, God disposes.

This is the 2nd edition of #CelebrityConvos and the feature for this edition is Hon. Dapo Lam-Adesina. He was the immediate past House of Representative member representing Ibadan North East & South East Federal constituency. The choice of featuring him was easy – we wanted a young person in politics who was making significant impact in their constituency – not audio projects but real, verifiable project.

In this edition, Hon. Dapo Lam takes us on a journey into his life story right from
childhood unto his tenure at the House of Representatives in Abuja. Working this story was such a delight and he made it so easy.

As you read this edition of #CelebrityConvos, you’d laugh and you’d find lessons that might give more insight into life and answers to why our people are the way they are. In this edition too, there’s also the story of a small successful business running out of Ibadan to the world – a vision birthed by a woman determined to pursue that which really made her happy, and still does.

This story is getting long, I’ll step out of the way so you can dig into the pages already.

Once again, I welcome you to the 2nd edition of #CelebrityConvos.

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