Q1: How did you meet your wife?
“In 2013 after I had fully registered my first company, I said to myself, ‘Toluwase, now you need a Queen in this empire.’ I wasn’t sure where to find the Queen so I set the date and time I wanted to get married. That date was 19th August 2017 because my brother, Tobi, would be back to Nigeria.

I had no bride but I had a date.

However I kept on doing what my hands found, that meant fixing every broken door, (at that time the castle had a perforated roof, the walls were dirty, the floors were dirty too), I knew I had to fix it all before the Queen’s arrival. Essentially, I was fixing me.

My company then rented an office space and in the same building, there was a company that ran incubation program. My own company was a part of that incubation program. So, we were supposed to be working from their own office space. At the time, a bevy of young ladies joined the company and that was when I noticed one of them. Even at the time, I didn’t pay too much attention to her or any of the new ladies at all. I was all about growing my business and fixing myself for the Queen to come.

However, among the bevy of ladies, this lady whom I had first noticed just stood out. Then I proceeded to have a conversation with her and she gave all the right answers. She, very well, crossed the Ts and dotted the Is.

One day, I was at the door of the library and she asked me: ‘what do you really do?’ It is rare to find ladies who’d ask you questions like that so I took time out to tell her what my company was about. Instantly, she gave her thoughts and ideas about how similar businesses were run in the UK and the US and I was blown away. From that, I saw that she was pretty smart. That same day, later in the afternoon, someone offered her a meal and in turn she offered it to me.

A few weeks, down the line, I asked her out and her answer was no. She said she’d wait for 3 months to think about it. And then I waited. It didn’t agitate me nor was I fazed. I was sure that she was for me and that it was all about biding my time. Three months passed, six months passed and then I proposed again. This time, she said yes. It was along the line that I realized that ever before she met me, she had also set August 19, 2017 as her wedding date. We were literally working on the same wavelength before we ever set eyes on each other.

430 days after I found her, I married her and as you may have guessed, we got married on the 19th August 2017.”

Q2: How has loving her changed you?

“I’m a very impatient person but loving my wife and being with her has really taught me patience. I always say to people: ‘Glo and my wife have taught me how to properly live life. Sometimes I get angry with my network and I could almost want to slam my phone on the ground but then I check myself by asking: ‘who’s going to pay for another phone?’ So, in the same way, loving her has made me see that there’s room for patience. Also, loving her has made me see life differently. It has changed my thought-pattern in a whole new direction. Because of her, I now do things better.”

Q3: One major lesson that you learned all through the period of your search for a Queen?

“I found the Queen – not when I was searching but when I was doing what my hands found to do. Fix yourself while waiting or searching for ‘the Queen’. If you can’t multi task, do them one after the other, shaa make sure you fix yourself first. The Queen deserve the best.”



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