“I met my husband at the Oyo State College of Education, Ilesha. He was part of the organizing committee to welcome new students on campus. He had a reputation as a campus guy and was known to associate with many ladies. Gradually, the friendship began to grow and he became my guardian angel on campus, may be to the point of being overprotective.

When he proposed to me, I didn’t quickly forget the things that I had heard about him as “campus guy” so I was very careful. I was cautious of deceit and lust. I wasn’t going to be another girl on his long list of girls whom he fraternized with on campus, so I was very skeptical about him. However, slowly, as I saw the kind of seriousness he gave to me and our relationship, I grew out of the doubt. For example, for the sake of love, he dropped some habits. He showed compassion and maturity in the course of our relationship which got me more convinced about him.

Many of his female friends were of the opinion that he would soon back out of the relationship but they were so wrong. He never opted out. He was very committed to our relationship. That was how our love affair began and the rest, as they say, is history.

My advice to couples about marry is that they should have a deep understanding of the relationship and of each other too. Living together as one is a decision that they must both be ready to make. However, love should not be blind. If things are not working while the relationship is on, then a broken relationship is better than a broken marriage; and a broken marriage is better than a broken mind or a lost life.”


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